Core DNF Plugins Release Notes

4.0.17 Release Notes

  • [repomanage] Add modular support (RhBug:1804720)
  • [needs-restarting] add optons using .conf file (RhBug:1810123)

Bugs fixed in 4.0.17:

4.0.16 Release Notes

  • [versionlock] Take obsoletes into account (RhBug:1627124)
  • Move args “–set-enabled”, “–set-disabled” from DNF (RhBug:1727882)
  • Add missing arguments –set-enabled/–set-disabled into error message
  • Warn when –enablerepo/–disablerepo args were passed (RhBug:1727882)
  • [copr] add support for enabling/disabling runtime dependencies
  • [copr] no-liability text to be always printed

Bugs fixed in 4.0.16:

4.0.15 Release Notes

  • Support remote files in dnf builddep
  • [download] Respect repo priority (RhBug:1800342)

Bugs fixed in 4.0.15:

4.0.14 Release Notes

  • Fix conflict for dnf download –resolve (RhBug:1787908)
  • config-manager calls parser error when without options (RhBug:1782822)
  • Update with –norepopath option
  • Fix: don’t open stdin if versionlock is missing (RhBug:1785563)

Bugs fixed in 4.0.14:

4.0.13 Release Notes

  • Fix: config_manager respect config file location during save
  • [reposync] Fix –delete with multiple repos (RhBug:1774103)
  • Redesign reposync –latest for modular system (RhBug:1775434)
  • [doc] Skip creating and installing migrate documentation for Python 3+
  • [config-manager] Allow use of –set-enabled without arguments (RhBug:1679213)
  • [versionlock] Prevent conflicting/duplicate entries (RhBug:1782052)

Bugs fixed in 4.0.13:

4.0.12 Release Notes

  • [reposync] Add –urls option (RhBug:1686602)
  • [versionlock] Add –raw option (RhBug:1645564)
  • [doc] move manpages for plugins to “dnf-PLUGIN” (RhBug:1706386)
  • Add new plugin post-transaction-actions (RhBug:967264)
  • [builddep] Add –skip-unavailable switch (RhBug:1628634)
  • [versionlock] Don’t apply excludes on @System (RhBug:1726712)
  • [reposync] Ignore only modular excludes (RhBug:1750273)

Bugs fixed in 4.0.12:

4.0.11 Release Notes

  • [spec] Specify attributes for ghost file (RhBug: 1754463)
  • download: add the –debugsource option (RhBug:1637008)
  • Fix incorrect handling richdeps in buildep (RhBug:1756902)

Bugs fixed in 4.0.11:

4.0.10 Release Notes

  • debuginfo-install: Update both debuginfo and debugsource for updated package (RhBug:1586084)
  • copr: Support multilib repofiles (RhBug:1393664)
  • copr: Fix disable if copr instance has non-default port
  • copr: Fix repoid when using subdirectories in copr project

Bugs fixed in 4.0.10:

4.0.9 Release Notes

  • [spec] Rename dnf-utils to yum-utils
  • [builddep] Report all rpm errors (RhBug:1663619,1658292,1724668)
  • [config-manager] –setopt: Fix crash with “–save –dump”
  • [config-manager] –setopt: Add globs support to repoid
  • [config-manager] –setopt=key=value is applied only to the main config
  • [config-manager] –setopt and empty list of repositories (RhBug:1702678)
  • [config-manager] –setopt: Add check for existence of input repositories

Bugs fixed in 4.0.9:

4.0.8 Release Notes

  • [reposync] Enable timestamp preserving for downloaded data (RhBug:1688537)
  • [reposync] Download packages from all streams (RhBug:1714788)
  • Make yum-copr manpage available (RhBug:1673902)
  • [needs-restarting] Add --reboothint option (RhBug:1192946) (RhBug:1639468)
  • Set the cost of _dnf_local repo to 500, to make it preferred to normal repos

Bugs fixed in 4.0.8:

4.0.7 Release Notes

  • Fix: copr disable command traceback (RhBug:1693551)
  • [doc] state repoid as repo identifier of config-manager (RhBug:1686779)
  • Fix download of src when not the latest requested (RhBug:1649627)

Bugs fixed in 4.0.7:

4.0.6 Release Notes

  • Use improved config parser that preserves order of data
  • [leaves] Show multiply satisfied dependencies as leaves
  • [download] Fix downloading an rpm from a URL (RhBug:1678582)
  • [download] Fix problem with downloading src pkgs (RhBug:1649627)

4.0.4 Release Notes

  • [download] Do not download src without --source (RhBug:1666648)

Bugs fixed in 4.0.4:

4.0.3 Release Notes

  • Add changelog plugin that is used for viewing package changelogs
  • New option --metadata-path option for reposync plugin

Bugs fixed in 4.0.3:

4.0.0 Release Notes

  • Enhance documentation
  • [repoclosure] check every –pkg attribute separately
  • [repoclosure] Now accepts nevra as a argument of –pkg option
  • [reposync] enhancements (RhBug:1550063,1582152,1550064,1405789,1598068)
  • package-cleanup: remove –oldkernels
  • Download only packages with unique NEVRAs (RhBug:1612874)

Bugs fixed in 4.0.0:

3.0.4 Release Notes

  • [copr] Huge upgrade of copr plugin
  • [spec] Disable building python2 modules on Fedora 30+

Bugs fixed in 3.0.4:

3.0.3 Release Notes

  • [download] new option –alldeps to download all requirements

2.1.4 Release Notes

  • Added four new options for list subcommand of copr plugin

Bugs fixed in 2.1.4:

2.1.2 Release Notes

  • DNF copr Plugin doesn’t crash anymore in some circumstances.
  • DNF debuginfo-install Plugin doesn’t install any additional subpackages anymore, previously it was trying to get all dependent packages recursively and install debuginfo packages for them.

Bugs fixed in 2.1.2:

2.1.1 Release Notes

It introduces new behavior of Versionlock plugin where it doesn’t apply any excludes in non-transactional operations like repoquery, list, info, etc.

Bugs fixed in 2.1.1:

2.1.0 Release Notes

Additional subpackage in 2.1.0:

  • Added new subpackage dnf-utils that provides binaries originaly provided by yum-utils.

Bugs fixed in 2.1.0:

2.0.0 Release Notes

  • Added DEBUG plugin from dnf-plugins-extras
  • Added LEAVES plugin from dnf-plugins-extras
  • Added LOCAL plugin from dnf-plugins-extras
  • Added MIGRATE plugin from dnf-plugins-extras
  • Added NEEDS RESTARTING plugin from dnf-plugins-extras
  • Added REPOCLOSURE plugin from dnf-plugins-extras
  • Added REPOGRAPH plugin from dnf-plugins-extras
  • Added REPOMANAGE plugin from dnf-plugins-extras
  • Added SHOW LEAVES plugin from dnf-plugins-extras
  • Added VERSIONLOCK plugin from dnf-plugins-extras

1.0.2 Release Notes

Newly implemented DNF download Plugin options --url and --urlprotocol.

Bugs fixed in 1.0.2:

1.0.1 Release Notes

Minor changes in builddep: print errors from RPM SPEC parser

0.1.20 Release Notes

Small fixes in COPR plugin, added get_reposdir function to dnfpluginscore lib.

0.1.18 Release Notes

Changed COPR server adress to the new one.

0.1.15 Release Notes

Newly implemented DNF download Plugin options --resolve and --debuginfo.

Improved the start-up time of bash completion.

Reviewed documentation.

Bugs fixed in 0.1.15:

0.1.12 Release Notes

Added support of globs to --whatrequires and --whatprovides options.

Bugs fixed in 0.1.12:

0.1.8 Release Notes

This release fixes only packaging issues.