DNF reposync Plugin

Synchronize packages of a remote DNF repository to a local directory.


dnf reposync [options]


reposync makes local copies of remote repositories. Packages that are already present in the local directory are not downloaded again.


-p <download-path>, --download-path=<download-path>
Root path under which the downloaded repositories are stored, relative to the current working directory. Defaults to the current working directory. Every downloaded repository has a subdirectory named after its ID under this path.
Download all repository metadata. Downloaded copy is instantly usable as a repository, no need to run createrepo_c on it
-a <architecture>, --arch=<architecture>
Download only packages of given architectures (default is all architectures). Can be used multiple times.
Operate on source packages.
-m, --downloadcomps
Also download comps.xml.
-n, --newest-only
Download only newest packages per-repo.
Delete local packages no longer present in repository
Root path under which the downloaded metadata are stored. It defaults to --download-path value if not given.